How to use the copper clad steel round wire and flat steel

August 2, 2023

How to use the copper clad steel round wire and flat steel

Since the surface copper layer is composed of 99.99% electrolytic copper molecules, it has excellent electrical conductivity and its own resistance is much lower than that of conventional materials.

The product is suitable for soil conditions with different humidity, temperature and PH value. The accessories are complete, using connecting pipes or double-speed hot-melt flux to connect, the joints are firm, and the installation is convenient, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

It is suitable for general environment and humid, saline-alkali, acidic soil, special environment prone to chemical corrosion medium, etc.

It is used as a horizontal grounding body for grounding, outdoor grounding, lightning protection grounding, and anti-static grounding for high-demand work. Electroplated copper-clad steel has superior mechanical performance, and horizontal continuous casting has superior anti-corrosion performance.

It is recommended to use continuous casting copper-clad steel grounding round wire for those with severe corrosion and low mechanical stress requirements. , please use different types of copper-plated round steel grounding wires according to the specific situation.